Tour Overview

This self-guided river package includes a paddle board or inflatable kayak rental and ride to the Colorado River. After check in, we go together to drop off your vehicle at the take-out location.* Then your driver will take you and your equipment to your put in location upriver, where we unload your gear. Then you will paddle your own craft at your own pace as your own guide down the Colorado River. At the end of your float, you will load your gear into/onto your vehicle and return it to our shop in town.

*With your advance reservation and documentation completed, we can meet you at the take-out point if you prefer.

Select your inflatable:

1 PADDLE BOARD with one paddle, one Coast Guard approved PFD (flotation vest), and a quick-release river leash (one paddler; recommended minimum age 13)
1 SOLO INFLATABLE KAYAK with one paddle and one Coast Guard approved PFD (flotation vest) (one paddler; recommended minimum age 13)
1 TANDEM INFLATABLE KAYAK – Two paying guests/paddlers can share a tandem inflatable kayak, two paddles, and two Coast Guard approved PFD’s (flotation vests). Due to the physical nature of paddling a vessel on a river, it is recommended that child participants each pair up with an adult companion to share a tandem kayak.

Helmets available upon request at no extra charge; additional splash gear and dry bags available for rent.

Our pre-selected route for your Self-Guided Float:
Big Bend to the Moab Bridge, about 7 miles.

This stretch of the Colorado River is close to town and is characterized as a novice-friendly route with a few small waves and a lot of flat water.

For your safety: Please DO wear your PFD tightly buckled for the entire length of the route. Even on flat water, this is still the Colorado River and it contains strong currents both above and below the surface. If you want to take a dip or float along to cool off, stay with your vessel keep your feet up to protect them from unseen rocks under the surface.

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