Finding Your Way to the Concurrent Current

Lovingly Penned by Swirlin’ Eddy for Wild West Voyages

What say you?
Row a roiling river rodeo
Super fantastic bubble plasmatic
Waves who amaze…
Have you chosen a hosin’?
An unbridled cleansing
Unapologetic dispensing
Of inhibition
Where hydrogen and oxygen
Liquid and gritty
Without pity
Sink their teeth into your vulnerability?
Will you emerge
Come hell or high water
On the other side,
Body drenched
And spirit alive?

Or not the thrill,
But rather the chill?
Floating, rendering still
A heart
‘neath the earth-borne hues
Reds and blues
Sapsucker, canyon wren,
Peregrine falcon,
For you who will listen,
To a voice within
A not-so-gentle reminder
Of a space and time
A concurrent current
Where the world… flows… kinder.

Chart your course and discover
Give yourself freely
And one way or the other
That which pierces, poisons, or divides
As the River provides.


Wild West Voyages specializes in family-friendly guided day tours on the Colorado River and hosts a HIGH ROPES CHALLENGE COURSE on site in downtown Moab. Call them for boutique rafting, kayaking, and Stand Up Paddle tours, rentals, river shuttle service, or a Ropes-n-Boats adventure day. Customized and private trips available. 435-355-0776 / 844-494-5393;


Lovingly penned by Swirlin’ Eddy For Wild West Voyages