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Date January 16, 2020

When you embark on a river trip, it often feels as if you’re in a separate world. And you are! Swept away from the asphalt tributaries, the comforts of home and the cacophony of sounds resonating fr

Finding Your Way to the Concurrent Current

What say you? / Row a roiling river rodeo / Super fantastic bubble plasmatic / Waves who amaze…

Step right up!
Date March 17, 2018

Get your tickets to a limited time only performance! The Colorado River is revealing its secrets and offering up gifts we could not previously have imagined!

Date March 11, 2018

I was once asked by a prospective employer, “What exactly is River Time?”

Date August 10, 2017

I’m Swirlin’ Eddy and I am the river. Today I’m here to tell ya I’ve noticed a growing crowd among my riffles recently. A very peculiar kind of folk. No oars, no motors, no tubes with these ya


Unless otherwise noted, all sites feature rustic (pit) toilets, Travel times and distances are approximate

The Five Stages of Adventure Travel, and How the Fun Never Really Ends

If you are reading this, you may be happily basking somewhere along the 5 stages of a traveler’s love affair with Moab. Maybe you are making your way through a third round? Here’s how it usually g

Learn the Moab Daily in One Easy Lesson
Date August 19, 2016

It has come to my attention that many folks, visitors and residents alike, want to raft / kayak / stand up paddle/ couch surf the Colorado River near Moab but face the awkward situation of not having

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About!

Bout a couple weeks ago I was making my Swirlin’ Eddy rounds, checking out my domain on the local sections of the Colorado River

    We Are Open

    Howdy! Wild West Challenge Course will be open through November! Private River Trips, Rentals and Shuttle Service are now closed for the season. We look forward to boating with you in the spring! Online bookings for 2021 will be available soon!
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