COVID-19 Response

Date May 5, 2020

How Wild West Voyages is handling Covid-19

…and how you can help!

Wild West Voyages continues a thoughtful, careful process in conducting its Moab adventure offerings with health and safety as a top priority. Our goal is to responsibly bring you the adventures you seek while doing our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This involves honoring current guidelines by the agencies that oversee our activities: CDC, Southeast Utah Health Department, the Bureau of Land Management, and the State of Utah. Please support us in our efforts to adhere to these mandates, and above all to protect staff and guests to the best of our ability. This policy is enforced for all guests and staff REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION OR PREVIOUS INFECTION STATUS.


  • All tours and shuttles are private charters (already a specialty of ours): we conduct one group at a time in each van, on each raft, and on the high ropes challenge course.
  • Challenge course groups will have a minimum of three guests/tickets per facilitation.
  • River trips will be chartered at a set price for up to eight participants for private charter.
  • Rental group check-in appointments are staggered.


While the cleanliness of our space and equipment has always been a priority, we will be increasing our cleaning practices to keep the experience as safe as possible for everyone.

  • All staff and guests are required to wear face coverings while conducting business in the office or within six feet of the nearest person outdoors.
  • All staff and guests use hand sanitizer or wash hands with soap for 20+ seconds before entering the building or upon checking in for activities, at the wash station located at the front of our building.
  • Staff members conduct regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces on the premises including countertops, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, phone and computer surfaces, clipboards, and pens.
  • Six-foot separations are required in the office for groups at check-in. Where possible, check-ins are conducted outdoors and paperwork has been digitized for online submission ahead of time.


  • Each staff member and guest must wash or sanitize hands immediately prior to entering a Wild West Voyages vehicle.
  • We ask that every staff member and guest wear a face covering while riding in the vehicle. If you do not have your own, we can provide a mask or you may purchase a bandana, buff, or mask from our store.
  • All vehicle interior hard surfaces are cleaned after each group use.


  • Ropes course staff washes harnesses, lanyards, clips, and carabiners with soap and water after every use. Equipment will hang dry for a period of at least 48 hours before next use.
  • Helmets are treated with an enzymatic anti-bacterial solution and sprayed with disinfectant then left to rest at least 48 hours prior to next use.
  • Staff wears face covering while within six feet of guests. Guests wear face coverings during fittings and orientation, and according to the personal comfort level while on the course.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on the course.
  • Climbers are encouraged to thoroughly wash hands and face after their adventure!


  • We ask that you complete online waivers prior to checking in.
  • We can serve groups of ten or fewer guests.
  • Please arrive on time for your check-in so that we may appropriately serve all guests at their appointment times.
  • We thoroughly clean all rental equipment after every use (we always have).
  • We thoroughly clean and dry all rafts, kayaks, and paddleboards after every use (we always have).


  • Check-in procedures have been updated to include a Covid-19 symptom and exposure checklist which all guests or their legal guardians will sign before participating.
  • All tours are private tours with only one reserved group per van/guide. See website for options and pricing.
  • Guests, drivers, and guides will follow transportation procedures outlined above.
  • Guests and guides are permitted but not required to wear face coverings while rafting on the water.
  • Guides will wear face coverings and gloves while handling food.
  • Hand wash or hand sanitizer supplies are available at all times on the river and during stops.
  • We thoroughly clean and dry all boats and equipment after every use (we always have).
  • Social distancing while on the river is easy to accomplish on a kayak or paddleboard tour. We do our best to establish distance between guide and guests on rafts within the space limitations of the vessel. Most raft tours are conducted in 15-ft, 16-ft or 18-ft rafts to allow for maximum spacing. This said, the group in your raft is your private charter group. No other group will join be aboard your raft.


  • Go with the flow! You are here to have fun and connect with the stunning canyon country and the Colorado River! This has not changed a bit.
  • Please bring your face covering and wear it at check-in and in any vehicles. If you do not have a face covering, we can provide you with one or you may purchase one from our store.
  • It’s always a good idea to bring a personal supply of sanitizer or hand wipes.
  • Please observe a respectful social distance of six feet between yourself and staff and other guest groups at our site or at river access points.
  • As always, plan ahead and be prepared! Bring appropriate clothing, hat, skin protection, and footwear for whatever the great outdoors may bring including strong sun, hot surfaces, and change of weather. Check your specific activity confirmation for a list of what to bring!
  • As a guest we ask you to please do your best to help us in our endeavor to mitigate the spread of the virus and keep folks safe.
  • Lastly, we are asking ANYONE, guest or staff member, who is feeling under the weather, has a fever, or has been around someone feeling sick to NOT ATTEND your activity, and to seek the proper medical counsel.


  • If you are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone who is feeling ill and need to cancel your activity, you may do so up to the last moment before departure. If this occurs more than 48 hours prior to your activity, you will receive a refund minus a 15% booking fee. If this occurs less than 48 hours prior to your tour, we will issue you a gift card for the full amount of your tour to be used on any future tour within one year of the trip date. This applies to illness only.
  • There is no refund or credit for cancellations for reasons other than illness within 48 hours of departure. These may include but are not limited to change of plans, weather concerns, no-shows, travel delays, or others. This is an industry-standard policy.

Lovingly penned by Swirlin’ Eddy For Wild West Voyages